Two New Stories!

connu the operativeIn the past week, two new works of short fiction have been published, bearing my name and all the hallmarks of my distinctive style, such as words, punctuation, and even more words.

First of all, there’s “The Crooner,” published in Epiphany #13. Set in 1950s Los Angeles, it follows a few days in the life of Charlie Dixon, a lounge singer on the edge of stardom. Dixon’s carefully managed life of playing nightclub gigs and driving his brand-new Buick unravels as he confronts his love for his childhood friend Cate. I’m very proud of this story, and I think it represents some of my best prose. Check out Epiphany and order copies at their website.

Then there’s “The Operative,” which appeared today (March 3rd) on the very cool iOS app Connu (screenshot at left). This app features writing by relatively unknown authors (me) recommended by well-known authors (Ron Carlson).

Three years ago I was on a direct flight from Rome to L.A. and one of the movie options was “Dr. No,” the first-ever Bond film. About three-quarters of the way through, as Connery is ransacking the villain’s hidden lair, some faceless dude in a gray uniform gets thrown off a catwalk to his death. I thought, “I wonder what that guy’s story is. What’s he doing there, and why did he sign up for this crappy job?” So, with “The Operative” I tried to answer that question. I worked on the story off and on for 3 years, unable to get it quite right, before Niree Perian, the editor at Connu, got in touch with me. She helped fix a number of things that had been be-deviling me with this piece. It’s on a less serious tack than “The Crooner,” but I hope there’s a core of emotion in there, too. I’m very happy to release it into the world and to be a part of the Connu project.

The best way to read it is to download Connu for free from the App Store. You can also read my story online here, but for a limited time only, I think.

Thanks for reading! –BTMM

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